About Phoenix, Arizona

With a population of about 4.3 million people, the Phoenix metropolitan area is the twelfth largest city in the United States. Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and is located in the southwestern part of the state.

About Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Information

City code PHX
Country United States
State Arizona
Population 4.3 Million
Pop. density 1,200 / km2
Land area 1,334 km2
Elevation 340 m
Currency Dollar (USD)
Annual GDP US$ 182 Bn
Languages English
Latitude 33.45° N
Longitude 112.07° W

Phoenix was incorporated in 1881 and grew in it's early years as a trading center along major railroad lines. Agriculture was also important. Over the years, the city has continued to establish itself as a transportation and logistics hub. In more recent years, the city has also grown due to 'snowbirds' relocating from northern climes, attracted by the warm climate in Phoenix.

The Phoenix economy has been booming in recent years and the city has been among the fastest growing in the country. Transportation, tourism, and, increasingly, high technology manufacturing are all important industrial sectors. Phoenix has a very large number of logistics centers for shipping goods around the region and across the country. Phoenix's dry climate and open spaces makes the area well suited for large manufacturing and industrial facilities. The warm winter temperatures also make it an excellent destination in winter for golf and other leisure activities.

Phoenix is located in the Salt River Valley in the northern reaches of the Sonoran Desert. While the city itself is relatively flat, Phoenix is surrounded by mountains on all sides.

Phoenix has an arid climate and is the hottest heavily populated city in the United States. Average summer daily high temperatures are normally well over 100 °F. Winter daily high temperatures are normally in the high 60's and low 70's (°F). The city receives only about 8 inches of precipitation per year.

Though Phoenix is a major tourist destination, visitors come mostly for the golf, spas, and winter warmth. It is not a major international tourist destination.

Demographically, about 75% of Phoenix's population is white / caucasian and about 5% are African American. Hispanics and Latinos of various ethnicities make up about 42% of the population. English is the most widely spoken language with Spanish also very common.

Phoenix is served by Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX).

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